About Rukhshana Media

Rukhshana Media, established in November 2020, is an online news agency focused on covering issues that affect women of Afghanistan. 

Rukhshana Media, with the understanding of the male-dominated social relations in Afghanistan, has started to work in support of women throughout Afghanistan, reporting about the current situation, strengthening democracy, equality, and justice, reporting on the issues relating to women and strive against obsolete misogynistic beliefs.

Since its establishment, Rukhshana Media has reported exclusively on issues that affect Afghan women, from the taboo of menstruation, child marriage, street harassment, and economic hardship to violence and gender discrimination and what it means to live as a survivor of rape. We have reported across the country, working with a small team of female reporters and volunteers.

Rukhshana Media will continue reporting, analysing, and investigating women’s issues in all provinces of Afghanistan.

Why the name, Rukhshana?

We can’t forget Rukhshana, the woman who was brutally killed for choosing to leave a forced marriage, for choosing to live with someone she loved.

Our newsroom is named Rukhshana in her memory and to remind ourselves of the depth of gender inequality in Afghanistan, where women are killed over trying to make decisions about their bodies and their private lives. By naming our newsroom Rukhshana, we want every time someone says or hears our name, they remember her and her tragic death at the hands of fanatic Mullahs who still live in impunity.

We created Rukhshana Media to tell the story of women from across Afghanistan, from how they are treated at home to the difficulty of gaining inclusion in a society that religious conservatism and patriarchy have ruled all aspects of social life in the past decades.

In a society that punishes women’s basic choices, such as the freedom to choose their clothes, bringing women’s stories to the forefront of public is a challenging task. However, at Rukhshana Media, our team of women journalists is determined to report on women’s issues as a way to create debates, inform, analyze and investigate issues related to women’s lives.

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Our policy 

Rukhshana Media is committed to uphold the values of democracy and human rights.

Rukhshana Media is committed to fast, accurate, and unbiased coverage of women’s issues.  

As a way to create conversations, Rukhshana Media invites all women, from across Afghanistan to write about their challenges and opportunities. We believe we cannot find a solution until we address the challenges.

Rukhshana Media is a platform that reflects and disseminates the views of women from across Afghanistan and is not responsible for the publication of the content.

Zahra joya the founder of Rukhshana media | zahra.joya@rukhshana.com
Email : info@rukhshana.com | rukhshana.af@gmail.co