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Editorial Guidelines

These guidelines and overarching principles serve as the foundational framework and standards of conduct for all divisions of Rukhshana Media. The purpose behind establishing these principles is to delineate the professional standards that guide the work of Rukhshana Media’s team, provide a reference for colleagues, and articulate the expectations of our audience.
Rukhshana Media remains unwavering in its dedication to professionalism, independence, currency, creativity, and adherence to international news reporting and journalistic norms. Upholding this commitment represents the primary asset of Rukhshana Media and is the cornerstone of our ability to cultivate trust and wield influence with our audience. To realize this objective, all involved parties should earnestly consider the following principles. All members of Rukhshana Media staff, producers, and journalists, are mandated to adhere to these guidelines and integrate them into the core of their work.
Our journalists will report with accuracy and impartiality.
Where an opinion or editorial is published, it will be clearly marked as such.
Anyone taking part in the report will be treated with fairness and it will be ensured they understand the nature of the report and how their words or image may be used.
In instances of conflicting or competing claims, every effort will be made to get the different sides of the matter and reflect these in a fair and balanced manner.
Rukhshana Media staff are working in an often mentally and physically threatening environment for both themselves and their sources. They will be mindful of the potential of putting any sources or interviewees in danger. The anonymity of reporters, editors, and translators who work for Rukhshana may be deployed in these circumstances.
Anonymity of sources may also be deployed when requested or when an editorial decision is made to protect an identity. We will always state clearly when this is the case (see Transparency below).
When interviewing children (under 16 years old) we will first seek permission from their guardian.
We take all complaints seriously and endeavor to address them in a timely manner. Any concerns can be sent via email to
Copyright and plagiarism
If referencing work from other writers or organisations, Rukhshana Media will clearly attribute it.
Our reporters’ work will be solely their own words.
These shall be made after investigation and in a timely manner. A correction will be placed at the top of the article in which the mistake was made, or on the homepage of the website, at the discretion of the Editor.
Distressing Images
Care will be taken when publishing distressing images including dead or bloody bodies, or excessive depiction of violence or self-harm.
Hate Speech
Rukhshana Media is against all forms of hate speech. Ethnic hatred, religious hatred, regional hatred and gender hatred are all considered forms of hate speech.
Care is taken to avoid the promotion of violence.
Rukhshana Media is committed to bold and brave reporting that is not influenced by political interference or threats.
We are a charity registered in the UK with the Charity Commission and our finances are open to public scrutiny through our annual report. Acceptance of financial support does not constitute implied or actual endorsement of donors of their products, services, or opinions.
Rukhshana reporters will be open with their manager about any potential conflict of interest, and will not accept gifts, bribes, or advantages, financial or otherwise, from external sources without declaration.
Reporters will be impartial, and free from any kind of religious, ethnic, regional, or ideological bias. They are expected to put aside assumptions and prejudices at all stages of reporting.
We will be open and honest with our readers. We will make it clear if a serious claim has not been able to be verified. We will be clear about the reporting restrictions our reporters and interviewees might be under, for example, in cases where we are unable to use real names for safety reasons.